Sunday, September 16, 2007

Saturday Spontaneous Adventure (2007-9-15)

After a spanish dinner and a dark beer in the pub and a latte in a coffee shop ( still sober !), Me, Garvin and Chika had a spontaneous plan, Night Shooting ! Not worring about equipment, not worrying about image quality, just go out in the midnight and have some fun, from 11pm - 2am ! w went to treasure island and overview San Francisco District area. Next time I should have couple vodka shot before i go, may boost my creatively.

Night Out in the City (2007-9-15)

Going to the city on saturday night is always my favorite things to do ,
went to a spanish restaurant with some guys, near 22nd street "Esperpento", a lot of surprise, the decoration is absolution fascinating, with a lot of funky color wall decoration and painting and my first time trying the Rabbit stew :) ... well, the texture and the taste.... like chicken. Will absolutely visit again.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Japanese Dinner and game night (2007-9-14)

It is always good and relaxing to go out with my friend on friday night after a week of hard work . Went out with some California State University old friends to a Japanese restaurant in Union City. This Sakuru roll LOOKS GOOD...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Replace my fisheye (2007-9-12)

Not very satisfy with the fisheye I used to have, just received a new one today. got some test shots of my apartment and my car , very sharp, very satisfy. Only the Full frame can truly reflect the power of fisheye without the 1.6 factor. Yes, I love it.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Wedding in Treasure Island (2007-09-01)

2007 Sept 1 , Wedding at Treasure Island in San Francisco.
Gloria and Johnson is having their wedding ceremony at Treasure Island and reception dinner in Oakland. Yes, the bay bride is closed in this labor day weekend, really having some trouble in transportation, we need a pass to get through to this SPECIAL island. Wonderful wedding, after the ceremony in the Treasure island chapel, we moved to City Hall and Legion of honor to have our outdoor shooting, then drive another 1.5 hrs to Emeryville for the reception Dinner. Hope you both have a beautiful honeymoon in Shanghai , HongKong and Thailand. !!

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