Friday, September 28, 2012

You got married and never made a wedding album ?

photographer wedding album sf
photographer wedding album sf
I know that a lot of couples who got married and never had a chance to make a wedding album due to various reasons... may be their photographers don't do it, their photographers don't provide the albums they want, or simply because they are too busy and hope someone can help them to select the pictures and guide them through the whole process.

Our studio can certainly help you. We have been so thankful for married couples who approached us after seeing the wedding albums we put online for our client. Recently we completed a flush mounted album that we made for Patricia and Greg who got married four years ago in Caribbean, but they had made an regretful decision that haven't hired a professional photographer to photograph their wedding, they have their family friend to do it instead. Patricia and Greg approached me and want to see if I can make the album for them by using the pictures they have. I didn't say yes right away, because I told them I really need to see the images first, I want to see how the images look, the color and is the resolution high enough for printing. I want to make sure I can completely satisfy their need after I discuss with them and after seeing all their images.

The whole process including :
* Looking through all their images
* Estimate how much time we need to color correct and retouch the images
* Design draft
* Design reviewed by clients and adjustment if needed
* Finalize layout design
* Album cover color and material selection
* Printing and binding

for more details about our wedding album service, please feel free to give me a call 510-265-4223 or email me

Here is the yelp review Greg wrote for me after they got their wedding album :) They picked the marine blue color for the cover to compliment the Caribbean scene .

photographer wedding album sf

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Just Photographed 3 Weddings In Labor Day Holidays

It was an epic weekend for me, my team has photographed 3 weddings in the labor day holidays. Yes, Back to Back to Back ! The first one was Marie and Alex’s wedding at the Hakone Japanese Garden in Saratoga, with the reception at the Plumed Horse Restaurant. The second one was Lara and Vince’s wedding at the St Mary Lutheran Church in San Francisco followed by a special yacht wedding at the San Francisco Bay. The third one was Tammy and Brenden’s wedding at the Flood Mansion in San Francisco. I can’t wait to post more images, let me first post highlight from each wedding.

saratoga hakone garden wedding
san francisco cable car flood mansion wedding

san francisco yacht cruise wedding

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