Sunday, March 30, 2008

2008-3-29 Helped Kerry in a wedding in San Jose

Kerry (from essential moment) called me last week and urgent need of a 2nd photographer in his event, well, haven't been others assistant/2nd photographer for a while , but I have no assignment so I decided to help, kinda for fun. I started in Morgan Hill, the groom's house for some groom/groomsmen preparation and group shots, what a fun group and definitely endless energy. Then we headed San Jose for the ceremony. After the ceremony, really tight schedule and we only have around 30 mins for some quick portrait before we go back to the Hilton Hotel San Jose for reception. We finally decided to do the shot in downtown San Jose street, near the convention center and also the train station. The final images are combination of life and classic . Jennifer is such a classy bride and I particularly like her profile shot, See below some of the shots I took.

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