Thursday, April 03, 2008

2008-4-3 Buying more Compact Flash

To be a wedding photography, you can imagine how important is our equipment. "We need the best to make the best". Not to mention about camera/lens/flashes (x2 as backup), memory cards would probably be the next most important accessories we concern. I have always been using SanDisk, because of the branding ? well probably, however, I did have some bad experience using the SanDisk, I have experienced some trouble with some of my 2GB SanDisk before. Fortunately I gave myself enough testing to all the new memory cards I purchased before they go live (bring to wedding). But recently I have been reading a lot of review of other famous brand , like Kingston... Kingston is no doubt one of the biggest memory manufacturer, actually, I have couple photographer friends using all Kingston CF card and NEVER have problem and extremely reliable, not only using them for their Digital Camera, but also Kingston PC Ram.

When I shoot weddings , will carry around totally 25GB-28GB CF in my bag . I usually use 4GB, do I have 8GB ? Yes, I have some, but I never put all egg in one basket, even I never have memory card screwed up during wedding, but I play safe. 4GB card allows me to shoot around 240 RAW, which is pretty good. After shot one "Magazine", I will just reload another 4GB . Did I use 2GB ? Yes, but that was way back to the age when I was still using the 8MP Canon 30D. What do I use now ? Using Two Canon 5D

The CF card is now getting so cheap and I decided to buy some more , but not for myself , is for my assistants to use. My assistants they usually have their own memory cards which is enough for the whole wedding. After the wedding, they will usually burn the DVDs for me with all RAW and let me select and do backup. Thanks my assistants, they are always on time and I will get the DVD in my mail box in 3-4 days. However, I'm changing the work flow and in order to speed up the turn around time, I decided to buy couple more 8GB (133x) for my assistants, right after the wedding, I will just get all their cards and I can start backing up all photos right away and start editing without waiting them to ship to me. Yes, I usually like to start editing on the next day .

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