Wednesday, August 06, 2008

2008-7-25 Urban Wedding portrait @ Redwood City

As I don't like to photo shoot the same location over and over again, If I got to choose a location for my client ( I'm glad most of my clients trust me so much) , I always like to come up some new ideas and have some fresh idea. this time, this portrait for Janelle & Russell was taking in another urban location , Redwood City.

this shot was taken in front of a restaurant, asked Janelle to walk backward and to pull Russell crazily while she was walking . I like the door shape and color

in front of a restaurant, like the perspective of the light and background

One challenge of shooting in urban area is.. we always get a lot of attentions from the crowd.. but FUN !

asked Janelle and Russell to stand on each side, then walked towards each other and meet in the middle to create this dynamic shot

a shop under remodeling, but i actually like the glass window with blue masking tape, very colorful

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