Tuesday, February 03, 2009

LIve to shoot, shoot with Chung WORKSHOP

Thanks for everyone's support so far and after the first digital photography workshop on Feb 2/8 has been quickly filled up, I will have another 1 day intensive digital photography introduction class on 2/22 Sunday.

A brief description of what the workshop about.... It is a 1 day class (9:30 - 5:30pm) on sunday 2/22 at my new photography gallery / classroom located in Belmont . This introduction to digital photography class is designed for student who has little experience on using a DSLR ( Digital Single-Lens Reflect camera ) or a beginner in photography.

In this workshop, you will learn all the basic of photography such as ....

1) DSLR camera structure
2) Aperture/ Shutter/ ISO concept and control
3) Concept of depth of field
3) White Balance
4) Usage of different lens
5) How to choose a camera that fits your need
6) Get to know more of your current equipment
7) Basic photo retouching concept
8) Outdoor practise

It is an intimate class for maximum 4-5 students , we want to keep the class small so that everyone has chance to ask questions and interact, don't we all hate the boring traditional classroom learning environment ??? We all want to learn in a fun and relax way.

Bring your own equipment if you have, but not neccessary as I have three Canon EOS 5D and different types of lens for you to play with and practise.
Class starts from 9:30am , will have a break and we all go out for an hr lunch and then class ends at 5:30pm. The fee is $250 per person.

Former students were all surprised how much they learned in a 7 hrs intensive class with me and it is a real jump start for them.

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Basir Seerat said...

great work, wonderful blog and really intrasting shoots

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