Sunday, April 05, 2009

2009-3-29 Terrance + Amiee + puppy Jack

Here is the story of this "family style" photo shoot session. Here was the conversation of me and my good friend Terrence.

Terrance: "Hey, Chung, let me show you the pic of my new Jack Russell Terrier, on my cell phone."

Chung : "Yeah, Show me"

Chung : "No way, it is not a real dog" (looking at Terrence's cell phone )

Terrance : "IT IS a real dog !!!!"

Chung : "No way, it is not a real dog ! it looks like a toy"

Terrance : "IT IS a real dog !!! He is so funny and cute"

Chung : "Hey, lets go out this sunday afternoon at your place near San Bruno and take some portrait, just have fun."

Terrance : "Really ? Really ? let me call my wife. What color should we wear ? You are the photographer, tell me what should we do, we will just follow. What color should we wear ???"

Chung : "Calm down !

Chung : "I want to make it more casual, simple and clean , why don't you both wear jeans and white shirts"

Terrence : "GOOD, alright, what time on sunday "

Chung : "lets do it 5:30pm this Sunday. I will drive to your place in San Bruno, will just have some fun."

>>>>>> SLIDESHOW :

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