Friday, October 09, 2009

2009-10-8 Personal Fun Project (Video)

Last saturday I attended one of my very good friends Mayumi & Zach's wedding at the Byington Winery in Saratoga. To make sure I will have enough time to enjoy myself and have fun, I referred them another good photographer Ricky from wphotography to take care of the photography part. However, I told them I can do some video here and there using my Canon 5D mark II cameras and made the following 8 mins movie clip. Just for fun, and they love it !

Mayumi & Zach 's Wedding (Canon 5D mark II) from Chung Li on Vimeo.

The gear I used was :

two Canon 5D Mark II ,
50mm macro for the close up shots during preparation.
24-70mm for most of the wide-medium shots
70-200mm for closeup in preparation / ceremony and dancing
17-40mm for the walking/moving camera shots.


cindy chen | hopparazzi said...

Possible new career Chung? Nice video!

Chung Li said...

nah... just do video for fun

Events by Evonne said...

Very cool... you can certainly expand from photography to videography with the 5DMKII!

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