Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Just Photographed 3 Weddings In Labor Day Holidays

It was an epic weekend for me, my team has photographed 3 weddings in the labor day holidays. Yes, Back to Back to Back ! The first one was Marie and Alex’s wedding at the Hakone Japanese Garden in Saratoga, with the reception at the Plumed Horse Restaurant. The second one was Lara and Vince’s wedding at the St Mary Lutheran Church in San Francisco followed by a special yacht wedding at the San Francisco Bay. The third one was Tammy and Brenden’s wedding at the Flood Mansion in San Francisco. I can’t wait to post more images, let me first post highlight from each wedding.

saratoga hakone garden wedding
san francisco cable car flood mansion wedding

san francisco yacht cruise wedding

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Reykjavik Holidays said...

Congratulation!!Truly awesome photos which I had never seen before. You captured the spirit perfectly that's why photos seems to be real. Thanks for sharing such a nice photos with us.

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