Friday, July 18, 2008

2008-7-14 The sweetest gift from the sweetest bride ~Carla

The most rewarding thing being a wedding photographer, for me, is the client's compliment and see my client's appreciation and smiling face. I just did a bridal portrait for Carla last saturday. Since she really needed the picture quick in order to send to her mom and surprise her before the wedding, I have all pictures ready and made a slide show for her already 2 days after the shoot. Broke my own record !

The pictures/slideshow quickly spread to her whole bridal party and got a lot of WOW. Carla was so sweet to gather all the compliment and response from her friends and made me this "gift card" with one of the images I took and wrote me a thank you email. I just love this stunning bride-to-be !!! She told me unfortunately she has already hired another photographer to serve her wedding in south carolina already before she hired me for her bridal portrait, but when her younger sister is getting marry, she is going to hire me as a photographer for her sister's wedding as a gift to her sister . Yeah,, I'm so looking forward to it.


Here is what she wrote in the email and my "gift card"-


I could sing your praises for the whole world to hear of your incredible talent and gift for capturing raw beauty in all you see. Not only are you a very gifted artist, but you are also a pleasure to work with. I had the most amazing day with you and your assistant. You were so much fun and you made me feel so special – something every bride should feel! I will remember this day in my special memories of my wedding and related events.

As the bride and subject of this photo some may be inclined to find my rave reviews biased, but the overwhelming response from my friends and family prove otherwise. In addition to my personal endorsement, here is what they had to say…

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Unknown said...

really so proud of you and happy for you! Keep going! Take photo for my family when we have a new member to join us!

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