Monday, July 07, 2008

2008-7-7 Vacation / Mountain Biking / Golfing @ Lake Tahoe

It was such a treat to myself for a 3 days 4th of July vacation @ Lake Tahoe with some good friends. As I remembered, the last time I didn't have to work continuously for 3 days was back in Feb this yr.. I really need a break. So... No serious photoshooting, No client interview, No drafting contract, No Emailing, No Computer, try to force myself to relax a bit.

We totally have 9 people , reserved a vacation house in lake Tahoe Northstar from Friday to Sunday. Friday morning we left early from the bay area at around 7:00am, drove for 3 hrs and just be the lake on time for lunch, had some walk near the lake . After we checked in our house, we hit the casino for a buffet and then a little evening golfing. The 2nd day was an intensive mountain biking day. Dame, I missed this mountain biking feeling, it was so much fun and exhausted. The last day we kinda took it easy, went to the golf club for a simple lunch and played some golf at this awesome driving range, great view as you can see in the pictures.

As I said, no serious photography in this trip, all pictures were taken by my little Fuji f50fd compact point-an-shoot , except the group pictures everyone lined up and pretended to hit the ball , used my friend's Canon XTi.

Awesome trip , excited and had a lot of fun.

Top 5 golf players in the Lake Tahoe :P

Beautiful golf club that we took this group pictures

4th of July chair ??

Summer Lake Tahoe

My Dirty Look.

Ok, some Yoga time !!! Just for fun.

Take the lift to the mountain top.

Totally lazy mode, no email , no computer, no working

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