Saturday, March 27, 2010

2010-03-27 San Francisco Children Photographer ? Chung Li ?

San Francisco Children Photographer - Chung Li ???
Haha , don't get me wrong I'm not suddenly switching from a wedding photographer to a children photographer , but well, if you have been following my blog, you realize I love to photograph kids during the wedding and in the low wedding seasons or for friends' kids just for fun. I just love photographing people.

Here is a sneak peek image of a portrait session I did for the cutest Annalisa last week in a park in Sunnyvale at around 5-6pm. The reason I love this picture so much is that when I am looking at this picture, I just feel like Annalisa is also looking at me, I can feel her soul. I have more stunning images coming from this portrait session and even a behind the scene video footage of how this image was created . Oh, and forget to mention, I AM developing another website , it is going to be a subdivision of Chung Li Photography for Children and Family Portrait, I want to make it unique, very artistic, stay tuned !!! My goal is to have it up and running in a a month or two :) currently, I am still thinking the name of the site, any thoughts ? welcome to email me or leave me a comment here !!!

San Francisco Children Kids Family Photographer

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