Sunday, March 28, 2010

2010-03-28 Creation of an Art Piece - Children Photography - ( Part 1 of 2 )

Art Piece ? Part 1 of 2 ??? So what is it all about ?

In the coming 2 posts , I 'm going to bring you to the production of a portrait session. It is not just the behind the scene footage like I did for wedding photography, but what I really want to show you , are .....

Part 1 ( this post) :

** 2-3 of my favorite images in a portrait session of the beautiful eight year old Annalisa .

** A short behind the scene footage ( 2 mins ) of how this children portrait session was done in a park in Sunnyvale. With a Canon 5D mark II , 50mm f/1.2 lens , a reflector and NO flash.

Part 2 ( next post ) :

** A little production process and my thoughts in presenting the images to her parent the best it they will look . When I say "presenting" , it is not about how fancy I make the CD cover to be, not what box do I use to deliver the print to her, it is about a piece of art work that they will keep forever . Honestly, no matter how good a picture is if they are only going to sit in your computer hard drive forever, or they are going to be shared on facebook and be forgotten in like 2 weeks, it doesn't really mean much. Annalisa can only be 8 year old once (365 days if you really need to be picky on me !!)

so... here are my favorite images in this session and also the behind the scene video in HD

You can see the behind the scene in HD here :<<<<<<

san francisco children family photographer

san francisco children family photographer

san francisco wedding photographer

san francisco children wedding photographer

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