Saturday, July 19, 2008

2008-7-23 Vintage Theme engagement portrait for halloween wedding couple ~Michelle & Matt

I'm really excited again to have some more clients requesting for something special, something unique and nontraditional. When you see this engagement portrait I just did last Sunday, you will understand what I'm talking about .

Michelle & Matt is a real unique couple, their wedding will be in the Halloween day this year 10/31. I'm really excited for them and can't wait. However, I actually didn't need to wait too long to photo shoot this fun couple as I will be in charge of their engagement portrait too :)

First of all, Michelle and Matt already knew they wanted to do something different already. They wanted to shoot something with the vintage outfit and a dancing dress. In this photo shoot I was pretty much like a movie director, created every move and scene. I tried to created this dramatic collection of photos with a unique joyful atmosphere. The result was totally fun and yet elegant.

The whole photo shoot was done in a secluded area in Palo Alto to avoid distraction. We first shot with the Vintage outfit and then they changed to some casual clothing. Working with Michelle and Matt was a great experience as they are so much fun in entire shooting. Remember to come back for more pictures !!

Alright, Are we ready for our engagement portrait session ???

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Really nontranditional! I love the monotone umbrella shot! The water drops freeze for their LOVE!!

Great job "Li the Director"!!!

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