Saturday, December 26, 2009

2009-12-29 My Favourite Album Company !! Leather Craftsmen is all about quality

I know in this internet age /facebook age we can easily share pictures online and keeping all the images in a DVD, however, I think be able to hold a physical wedding album in your hands, feel the leather, flip through every page and this feeling just can't be replaced by any form of the digital media.

I am pretty picky on all the wedding albums I design and order for my clients. I want to make sure all album covers and pages are perfectly printed and binded for the couples to pass to their children and children's children. The albums are not for them, they are really for their generations.

In order to provide the best quality albums I could provide to the client, I'm constantly looking for album products and seeking the best in the industry. I recently just added one of the best album company , Leather Craftsmen , to my list. They are the best in the industry with 60 yrs album making experience serving solely to professional photographers, their leather bound flush mounted albums demonstrate the best craftsmanship and just blow me away .

Leather Craftsmen Wedding Album

Leather Craftsmen Wedding Album

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