Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009-12-30 Say Hi to me !!!!

I know there is a good numbers of photography hobbyists or photographers come to my blog everyday. I call them CDROM (read only :P ),

Hey, u know ? I really want to know you , I encourage you , YES, YOU !!! Write me a comment here , introduce yourself, or even add me on your facebook or Twitter !! Come on , I won't bite you thr the internet ! Let me know what do you think of my work , what do you want to see more or ask any questions , I am a big believer of sharing information. Looking forward to talk to you all !!!

My facebook :

My Twitter :

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This is a screen capture of the system I used to capture the demographic distribution of my blog readers, for example, yesterday I have readers from 70 different places visited by blog.... :) thank you !!
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Lilia Ahner said...

Hey Chung! You already know me. :) You have a great idea here, asking people to leave comments and introduce themselves. We should all do that on our blogs! I hope you have a wonderful new year in 2010 with lots of success.

Chung Li said...

Thanks Lilia ! same to you ! Hope we all have an even better year !

Manda Murphy said...

Sending some love to your blog and work :) been following your blog and love your work.

Evonne & Darren Photography said...

Hi Chung! It was great seeing you in SF a few weeks ago! Hmmm... how come your stat reader didn't read HAWAII? :)

Irwin said...

Do you see that dot over Alabama? That was me! Your work inspires me. "Sharing"'s a great concept!

cindy | hopparazzi said...

Hi Chung! :D
You already know me too, but here's a message to say hi cuz you asked so nicely.

Jennifer Bates said...

Hi Chung, I stop by your site now and again, checking out your work, which is AMAZING. Very inspiring. Thanks for doing what you do and being so hospitable! Best regards to you in 2010.
~ Jennifer Bates
Brooklyn, Michigan

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