Saturday, May 10, 2008

2008-5-10 Janelle & Russell's wedding

Janelle & Russell 's wedding has finally came, the preparation was in Santa Clara Hilton Hotel, Ceremony in Santa Clara, then reception in Sunnyvale Historic Del Monte.

This couple and the bridal party has endless energy , I was chasing them all day and exhausted :) They even played with the police car when we were doing bridal portrait :P

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this wedding, it was so much fun, decoration was so nice starting from the preparation part. Also there were a lot of Filipino components and performance, the reception was performance after performance and very entertaining, Janelle was doing such a good job making everything happened today so smooth. Janelle and Russell is definitely one of my favourite client , so sweet and so much energy ! Enjoy your Honey moon in Philippines !!

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