Monday, May 19, 2008

2008-5-19 Bay to Breakers

Have been staying home whole day saturday processing Janelle and Russell's wedding pictures, so, time to have some fresh air today (Sunday).

As my friend Mayumi is joining the Bay to Breakers, my buddies and I decided to wait her and cheer her up at the finish line and hangout in Sausalito, just kick back and enjoy the weather outside. You can see the pictures, she is the girl with the whole sushi table on her, very creative.

I think I've been doing a lot of engagement portrait recently and is all in my blood, when we went out, I can't help using my little Fuji compact camera (Fuji f50fd) to shoot some portrait for our friends Yuko and Jun, they are cute interesting couple and Jun always made us laugh as we always tried to embarrass him.
We walked around the pier and end at the Lapperts ice cream shop

While we were hanging out in Sausalito, I found some great scene and setup that can be used as my next engagement shooting location.

The quality of this little Fuji camera actually is pretty good.

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