Saturday, May 24, 2008

2008-5-22 Academy of Art Annual Spring Show (using iphone)

I like to be inspired all the time to help my creativity in photoshoot, the academy of art university, SF annual spring show is definitely the best place to go to get a lot of inspiration in different aspects.

They have different sections showcase all students' painting , photographs, industrial design, computer graphic, advertising...... I was bombarded with so many great ideas, and the "Fast Food Last Supper" is definitely my favourite of the night, so creative, and so hilarious, I wish I couldn hang this art work in my living room, so funny. Here are some pictures I shot with my iphone, little grainy.

1 comment:

chubirka said...

Cool, I can actually see my painting in the last shot. I couldn't attend the event so thanks so much for the pic.

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