Wednesday, June 02, 2010

2010-06-02 More images from the Fashion Shoot | White Petals

More images from the fashion shoot for Boutique White Petals . As you can see , I started using a bigger format images for my blog, I just want to see my images in a bigger size so that you can see all the details and appreciate the quality of the images.

When I did this fashion shoot, I didn't use any flash or reflector , all shot in natural light.

Actually on all the photoshoot assignments, no matter is wedding or fashion, I first select the location that with the best lighting , and then focus on how to position the model and interact with the models to get the best facial expression and balance of light in the images. This reduce my post production time tremendously, and thats one of the major reason you see me post a lot of READY TO RELEASE images pretty fast. I'm a photographer, not a photoshop junkie :)

And I also included a slideshow here for your to enjoy :) <<<<<<

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