Thursday, June 03, 2010

2010-06-04 Digital Photography Beginner Workshop on 7/17

This year has been very busy so far as you can see from my blog posts and my schedule. But I still want to spend some time teaching and share my knowledge and 18 years of photography experience with those of you wants to learn DSLR. My upcoming workshop date has been confirmed , 7/17 Saturday . The class format and content will be same as the one I have before, 7 hours from 9:30 to 5:30pm with a lunch break. In the morning, we will go through theories and get familiar with your camera, after lunch, we will go outside to practice. I have a lot of tips to share with you, since it is an intimate workshop, you can ask whatever you want , about wedding shoot, about business, about how to get in to the industry :) Willing to share everything with you.

Photography needs a lot of practice and a lot of thinking behind, what I'm teaching you , is the fundamental things you MUST know to get it started, and most importantly is I'm going to show you a systematic way to practice, not just shoot a lot without purpose. When you get out of my workshop, you know what exactly you need to do with you camera and know what to practice to get better !

Do you prefer to spend months or years to try to figure out the features of the camera/lens by yourself or spend 7 hrs straight to get your hands dirty and ready to shoot some awesome images for your friends and family ??

email me to sign up

Here are some images and blog posts of the previous classes :<<<<<<

In this workshop, you will learn all the basic of photography such as ....

1) What is DSLR camera
2) Aperture/ Shutter/ ISO concept and control
3) Concept of depth of field
3) White Balance
4) Usage of different lens
5) How to choose a camera that fits your need
6) Get to know more of your current equipment
7) Basic photo retouching concept
8) Outdoor practise

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