Tuesday, June 08, 2010

2010-06-08 East Coast Destination Wedding Sneak Peek

Feeling very refresh after this East Coast destination wedding shoot for Brandy & Blake in the beautiful Maine. Love Love shooting in New England area, everything is so colorful , very fairy tale like. Brandy and Blake are both living and working in California, they choose to have the wedding in Maine , one of the reason was their home town is on East Coast and wanted to fly everybody in Maine to have a group vacation/wedding, so everyone was in Vacation mode. (Me too as well :P )

Here are couple Sneak Peek Images

Here is the slideshow with around 40 highlight images : <<<<<<

maine destination wedding photographer

san francisco maine wedding photographer


YStudio Photography said...

LOVE LOVE the wicked good ice cream pink chairs and backdrop, FUN! Too bad they weren't open so you can have them with a big ole fat ice cream cone! LOL!

Also, I gotta tell you LOVE the tying of the shoe on the rug by the groom, and the groom dancing with mom. TONS of emotion!

How come I am just now running into you!? You are the BOMB! And I need a good digital workflow mentor, I suck and need help quick! That's what I get for starting late in digital, I LOVED film for so long. Willing to adopt me? Hehehehe....

Chung Li said...

I have small group and 1-on-1 mentoring on portrait or digital workflow , email me chung@chungliphotography.com :)

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